CEFECO Consulting was created to enhance human ressource managment in an international environment. We know about the difficulties of applicants and employers alike, when it comes to the point at which we must bridge the differences between cultures. Because of the multicultural backround of our staff, who is part of this project, we are able to find a satisfying solution respecting the necesities and desires of all parties.

One of the main hurdles in a selection aleprocess of this kind is the language barrier. For that reason our projects are focused on the surmounting regarding this issue. In that case we work with different ways of financing the language courses, the soujourn ant transport costs, depending amoung others on profession, age and specific situation of every candidate.

We belive that it is of the upmost importance to reach a balance for all implied parties, to finally reach a win-win position, this is the base to consolidate these kind of projects in the middle and long term. We try to naturalize the movement of personell on an international level and attempt to enrich with our planifications our common objectives.

If you think that your aims are the same as ours we will be highly pleased if you let us help you in the matter.